Terms: Keys To The Kingdom Of Crypto

Foundational Terms: Altcoin: Any cryptocurrency that is an alternative to Bitcoin (ex. Ripple, Litecoin, etc). Blockchain: A digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly. Block: Essentially pages in a blockchains digital ledger. Blocks are where transaction data (or any other type of data) is permanently recorded... Continue Reading →

Project Overview: Stratis

At first glance, being a non-technical individual myself, Stratis didn’t leap off the page as something I needed to immediately jump on. Tanner and I had been given the recommendation back in May from a friend of ours who was a strong developer at Kik. As I dug into the project, my perspective changed and... Continue Reading →

Dancing The Fine Regulation Line

Current State of Crypto Affairs The market cap for the cryptocurrency market has increased by over 1200% over the past year. As a greater portion of each countries citizens are exposed to the world of crypto, governments have been imposing various degrees of regulation. They are doing so to protect their citizens against the burgeoning... Continue Reading →

The DAO and Its Not So Fork’n Good Outcome

The blockchain is often touted as being immutable and impervious to hacks. That being said, several of the cryptocurrencies that live atop the blockchain have suffered severe hacks in the past few years; Steemit (2016), Krypton & Shift (2016), Bitcoin (2010) and DAO (2016) to name a few. The DAO’s hack had significant outcomes from... Continue Reading →

The SEC’s First Bite into a Growing Pie

Something significant happened this summer, funding from ICO’s officially passed funding from traditional VC’s for the first time in history. As of June 9th, ICO’s had raised a total of $327M vs $295M from VC’s. Since then, ICO’s have pulled even further ahead with several companies completing their historically large rounds of funding, such as... Continue Reading →

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