Data: A powerful tool, under-utilized

We are all entrepreneurs. Like the oil boom at the turn of the 20th century, we’re sitting on a very lucrative asset class – data. The problem is that it’s fragmented and owned by everyone except the creator of the data – us. With or without knowing it, we’re all working lucrative jobs, we just aren’t... Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Purchasing Power

Appreciation of crypto assets has been insane. Insane. Ultimately this meteoric rise in value will be the same force that leads to a collapse. I do believe that crypto assets will be incredibly valuable and provide tremendous value in the long-term. I still remain very bullish as a long-term value investor and continue to buy,... Continue Reading →

Party like it’s 1999

Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1999 - an iconic line, meant to evoke the sentiment of living in the moment. If you were listening to this in ‘83, this line meant partying like the world was going to end tomorrow. If you were listening to this anytime after March of 2000, this line... Continue Reading →

Tupac, the Oracle of the Blockchain

I think Tupac had it right – trust nobody. You can’t shouldn’t trust anyone. The problem with trust is that in a lot of scenarios, it has to be absolute. The most glaring of these is the exchange of value between two counter-parties. Every time a transaction occurs, there is a certain level of trust... Continue Reading →

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